Commercial and Residential Painting and Decorating
We have four Professional Painters and two apprentices with over ninty years of experience on our staff.
Our Painting Team works in concert with the Davian Construction, Certified Restoration, and Design crews to offer aONE STOP SHOPexperience for Owners.
PAINT/PLASTEROur painters are european trained artisans trained in the craft of  surface finishing.  They are capable of creating any visual effect that you can imagine or pick out.  We are experts in the RESTORATION of existing finishes that have deteriorated due to age or the damage of FIRE, WATER, or other forces.
Our in-house architectural designer has 22 years of experience in architecture and twelve years of experience in the visual arts.  He can work with you to visualize your ideas right on the spot, in fast sketching of a concept .  We also produce CAD drawings (Computer Aided Design) once the ideas have been clarified, and materials have been selected.  Selection and coordination of colors can be difficult and often confusing.  Our Staff has the experience and knowledge to boil the mix down and set out options for you to choose from.  We can plan and specify a creative scheme that will meet your budget and delight your eyes without the stress often associated with renovation and construction.
Finished Projects
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