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Founding partners David Gatherum and Ian Balcain, blended their first names together thus creating Davian Construction Ltd. in 1974.


They began providing repair and renovation services to the Insurance Claims industry, and soon

recognized the benefit of diversification. The company expanded their marketing and started providing service to the commercial and industrial repair, renovation and fixturing markets.


Ian Balcain continues to direct Davian Construction Ltd. which specializes in providing professional, dependable, experienced construction services to our customers at competitive prices.  This has resulted in building strong, long-term relationships with our clients.  Our team of journeymen, apprentices and technicians will respond to your needs. And we offer 24-hour emergency services.


Davian has a Safety Program which complies with the Workplace Safety and Health Act, and the Manitoba Government Regulations for Safe Work.

Our Team
Ian Balcain 
President/CEO | Phone: 204-955-1026

Ian is originally from Scotland and his accent is still present after more than 50 years in Winnipeg.

In Scotland he began his career as an estimator clerk for a construction company.

Ian immigrated to Canada in 1969, with his beautiful wife, coming here with the intention of growing in this amazing country.

He started working in the Construction field as an estimator in Winnipeg and grew from there. Always having wanted to have his own business, over 40 years ago, he teamed up to start Davian Construction.

Little known fact about Ian, he used to play in a popular local band while still in Scotland.

Sasan Mar 2022.jpg
Sasan Dorniani
Project Manager | Phone: 204-894-3159

Greg Mar 2022[14595].jpg
Greg Hill
Supervisor/ Manpower Coordinator | Phone: 204-955-8008

Sasan graduated from Shiraz University with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. He started out his career as a construction manager for seven years, specifically concrete and steel structural buildings. He has been working for Davian Construction since 2020 as a project manager. When he is not working, he loves spending time camping, cooking, and enjoying all outdoor activities with his family.

My name is Greg Hill and I have been with Davian for 30+ years.

I started as a truck driver, became an apprentice carpenter and

am now a journeyman carpenter. I worked the tools for 20+

years learning the various aspects of the trade.

Since 2016 I have held the position of Foreman. I believe in

giving our customer’s job the attention, they deserve, with

unmatched service and quality.

It would be my pleasure to help you with any of your contracting needs.

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